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Snowmoto became known winter gear and got lots of attention when it was released in the USA in 2003. One of the best features of Snowmoto is its controllability. Controllability is also one of the main keys to develop your skills and have even more enjoyable times with your Snowmoto. It's often seen Snowmotos and Snowscoots compared to each other. There is few difference between these two models. Snowmoto has wider deck for feet, foldable seat to support legs if needed, longer front board linear with rear board and you can find difference on boards positions too. Snowmoto's frame is shorter, angle of frame is different and there is more cap between rear board and deck. Sai Sport the brand owner and manufacturer of Snowmoto used years to develop and test different sets of frames and boards with reliable R&D and the latest technology. For first timers we recommend freeride and carving models. These models are more easy to handle and also more versatility for different kind of slopes. For more experienced riders we have for example all mountain and powder models. Read more >>>

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