TMW Katana Snowmoto
October 21, 2019
TMW Superfish Snowmoto
October 30, 2017

TMW Shark Snowmoto


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SHARK does not release the snow surface!
Edge which extends long front and back does not release by grabbing the snow surface caught once. Not just a carving turn that simply fall do wn to the left and right, “but it can realize a sharp turn that caused the board to run forward in the second half of the turn.” Slightly hard wide board raises the steep slope speed range by one stage. And the compatibility with SUPER FISH is excellent also by the first “Combination System” of the Snowbike which appeared this season! The frame evolved to XTREME TYPE Ⅲ appearing this season. The rear active track width remained at the conventional 230 mm width, the frame width was slimmed to 250 mm, it contributes to further weight reduction while reducing the snow surface resistance when fall down by the carving turn.



Frame color: Mat turquoise blue (Powder coat),  Mat khaki (Powder coat),  Stealth Black (Powder coat)
Board color: Navy & Core See-Through
Handle bar color: Mat turquoise blue (Powder coat),  Mat khaki (Powder coat),  Stealth Black (Powder coat)
Stem color: black, turquoise
RST MTB anti-skid pin set
Black EVA seat pad


Front/Rear board: F / Flat R / Flat
Board size: length 1973 mm, front board width  328mm ·  rear board width  307mm
Board weight: 3.45kg
Core: aspen
Sidewall: ABS rosin
Sole: P-TEX4000 graphite (Sintered)
Flex: front board soft · rear board medium / front board medium · rear board hard
Top: TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) UV Coating

Powder, Freeride


Frame material: 6061 T-6 alloy
Seat: 6061 T-6 alloy
Fork: 6061 T-6 alloy
Handle bar: 9,25″ 6061 T-6 alloy, width: 770mm
Size: Active truck : 230mm, width 250mm (Type II 280mm)

Frame Color

Mat turquoise blue, Mat khaki, Grey, Black, Red


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