May 6, 2014
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May 8, 2014

Metalworx Snowmoto

Snowmoto is manufactured by Sai sport and they are the brand owner as well. Skibikes, SnowBMXs ja Snowscoots belongs to the same product category.

Story of Snowmoto starts from America where it was published on 2003. Snowmoto was getting a lot of attention right away and was quickly spread to Europe and Asia (for example Japan). In Japan, a few active snowbikers had already begun to design so-called "the world's best snowbike". Sai Sport's solution was to buy already known brand and continue developing it as Snowmoto.


Development of perfect Snowbike has not been easy task and it needed thousands of test sessions, dozens of different frame and board compinations. And lots of time on the design desk. All the time design work was progressing with good speed but finally the situation was resolved in 2011. It was the time when Sai Sport got some of the top experts in this field and set up its own design departments for frame and boards. The realease of perfect Snowbike was closer than ever.

After couple of years it was finally released. The world's best and most versatile new generation of Snowmoto including high-quality boards for a variety of uses. The most important changes for the frame are the higher ground clearance, wider deck for feet, geometry that works with longer boards, a lightweight foldable seat providing support for legs, and a reinforced frame pipe. The most important changes for boards could be the bamboo & aspen cores, longer front board following the same line with rear board and bolder design for all kind of uses.

Past 10 years Future Trend sports has been taking part of developing and testing Snowmoto models. During these years we have built close and long lasting bond with Sai Sport.


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